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It might be seen from this passage that the House of Lords hereafter in appropriate circumstances might depart from its previous choice when it appears right to do so and in so departing will keep in mind the hazard of giving effect to the stated choice retroactivity. We contemplate that what the House of Lords means by this assertion is that in differing from the precedents it’s going to achieve this only without interefering with the transactions that had taken place on the basis of earlier decisions. This choice, to a big extent, modifies the Blackstonian theory and accepts, although not expressly however by essential implication the doctrine of “prospective overruling”.

Constitution even more inflexible than it is, that howsoever rigid the Constitution could additionally be its rigidity will not cease the folks from breaking it if they’ve outgrown it and this breaking is, usually speaking, by violent revolution. So, making our Constitution inflexible by placing the interpretation which the petitioners want us to placed on it won’t cease the frightfulness which is conjured up earlier than us on behalf of the petitioners. If any thing, an interpretation which will make our Constitution inflexible within the manner by which the petitioner want the amending power in Art. 368 to be interpreted will make a violent revolution, adopted by frightfulness of which the petitioners are afraid, a nearer chance than an interpretation which can make it flexible. We now come to what may be called the argument of worry. It is urged that if Art. 368 confers complete energy to amend each provision of the Constitution – as we now have held that it does – frightful consequences will follow on such an interpretation. If Parliament is clothed with such an influence to amend the Constitution it may proceed to eliminate basic rights altogether, it could abolish elected legislatures, it might change the current type of Government, it could get rid of the federal structure and create a unitary state instead, and so on.

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Men are so involved in intricate networks of relations that the place for their liberty is in a sphere the place their behavior does not impinge upon that self-affirmation of others which is liberty”. Now, we have little doubt put articles in a third category where for the needs of amendment the mechanism is somewhat totally different or double. It requires two-thirds majority plus ratification by the States”. (Constituent Assembly Debates Vol. IX, p. 1661). He traced the evolution of property and noticed that property was becoming a query of credit, of monopolies, that there were two approaches, the strategy of the Individual and the strategy of the neighborhood. He expressed himself for cover of the person’s rights. The perspective modified at the time of the First Amendment.