If you are familiar with Indian festivals

Gora Coming Through.

A white girl’s intense relationship with India: observations

culture shock, beautiful interactions and a pinch of masala.
By Zara.
Posted in , , By 4 comments Cartoon Afternoon in Incredible India.
No matter how many countries we keep on visiting, .

Rare are the places that can manage to have the same impact on me as India does

On the same day, or even in the same hour or at the exact very minute, India will make sure you experience a rollercoaster … more » May Posted in , , , By 1 comment The Man-pulled Rickshaws of KOLKATA.
In India, there tends to be a big gap between regulations and what really happens all around you.
We could call that gap “reality”.
Because reality and the harsh facts of life usually impose themselves over theories, ideologies and written rules.
Even though technically banned back in 2005, plenty of … more » Feb Posted in , , , By 4 comments Street Creativity in INDIA: an Outdoor Barbershop.

Some people think of San Francisco when they think of entrepreneurship

I always think about the streets of India

There are endless cases that prove that the old saying “necessity is the mother of invention” is absolutely true.
More than invention, here in India, it’s about creativity.
Right outside the … more » Jul Posted in , , , By 3 comments Monsoon Season has arrived in DELHI.
Monsoon season has started.
Today, .

It rained elephants and tigers here in Delhi

And what joy the rain has brought with it.
While in other parts of the world (like where I come from) we might associate the rain with winter and cold weather, in India it is not like … more » Jul Posted in , , , .

By 3 comments How to park in Delhi

New Delhi is an extremely congested place when it comes to traffic

There are 7 and a half million vehicles in the city right now, and an average 1400 new cars start circulating every day.
As you would imagine, parking is indeed a nightmare.
Around shopping areas, it is very … more » Nov Posted in , , , By 1 comment In New Delhi: business on wheels!.

If you have seen my previous photo tribute to street entrepreneurs in Delhi

you’d know by now that I am a big fan of those creative minds making the streets of India their daily spot for business.
In this photo, you can see a mobile kiosk, that sells sweets and … more » Sep Posted in , , , By 9 comments A street entrepreneur in India.

India: one may love it or hate it

But we all have to recognize that are certain things around here that are pretty admirable.
The way people with limited resources use their creativity to come up with business ideas is certainly one of those things.
Meet one of Delhi’s street … more » Sep Posted in , , , By 2 comments Hauz Khas Village: hipster New Delhi!.
Welcome to Hauz Khas Village.

The New Delhi equivalent of Williamsburg in New York

Kreuzberg in Berlin or East London in the UK.
Well, .

Not exactly… but Hauz Khas is certainly on its way to become a hipster hot spot

You get the idea.
If you’re in Delhi and you … more » Jun Posted in , , , , , By 48 comments TRAVEL TIPS for INDIA that you won’t find in guidebooks!.
Depending where in the world you come from, no travel guide will ever prepare you for the shock you might experience once you arrive in India.
As I always say, once you’ve traveled around this extensive country (geographically and culturally speaking), you’re pretty much set to go around anywhere else … more » Apr Posted in , , , By 19 comments The Faces of HOLI.
If you are familiar with Indian festivals, you would have heard of HOLI by now.
The “Festival of Colors” is, quite probably, .

The most sought-after celebration of them all by tourists visiting Incredible India

Originally a Hindu festival, the fun of Holi has been shared by more and more people … more » Mar 23».
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