Glimpses Of My Tour To Kuala Lumpur

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Glimpses Of My Tour To Kuala Lumpur .
January 16, 2018 Posted in , Tagged , , , , , , City Life, Image Maker, , , , , , , Random Snaps, Short Trip, , , , , , Visit Kuala Lumpur 4 Comments Kuala Lumpur has a lot to offer when it comes to exploring the city as a tourist.
During my very short trip, I managed to visit several of the popular tourist destinations , thanks to the city’s efficient metro or rapid transit system.
Being new to the city.

I decided to explore Kuala Lumpur on the google before starting my trip

just to ensure that I do not miss out on any attractive or popular tourist spot.
From skyscrapers to colorful buildings, I captured almost every attractive place of this beautiful city in my camera.
Bukit Bintang, Merdeka Square, China Town were some of the popular spots where I visited.

I also explored Kuala Lumpur’s spectacular Thean Hou Templ

which you can read here.
At last I could only say that I wish I had more time in my hand to cover other popular tourist spots like Batu Cave and Petronas Tower .
May be next time.
S- Besides, metro, I also used popular Grab App to reach some of my destination s without much hassle.
To make your journey simpler and easier you can buy a local simcard and download the app on your phone.

For  For photo blog  Vibrant Sassoon Dock Art Project

January 5, 2018January 5, 2018 Posted in , Tagged , Art Project, , , , , Discover Mumbai, Explore Mumbai, , , , , Mi4 mobile, , Sassoon Dock Art Project, St+Art India , , , 3 Comments Art and sea food enticed me to make a short trip to Mumbai.

From famous Jehangir Art Gallery to eye-catching yet evoking Sassoon Dock Art Project

I enjoyed them completely.
However, my focus was on the art project .

An initiative by the St+Art India

the project brings together more than 40 artists from all over the world including Indians to convert the famous dock into a perfect and colorful art canvas.

The project depicts the daily lives of the Kolis

the Banjaras and the Hindu Marathas through various art installations and exhibitions.
Enjoy the exhibition .
You can read more about the exhibition here.  All the images have been captured with the help of a Mi4 mobile.
For  For photo blog.
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